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Page Summary: 

The MyAllocator Sync page is used to setup the connection between MyAllocator and HostelSnap. Allowing this access means your allocations can sync automatically between your direct availability and the OTAs, as well as reservations. 
NOTE: If you are not bookable on OTAs, then you would simply not use these settings.

Key Features:

  • OTA reservations automatically input into HostelSnap
  • Real time availability syncing
  • No manual work required once set up

Detailed Information about MyAllocator Sync:


HostelSnap can sync automatically with all your 3rd party booking channels using your MyAllocator account.   This means you will never have to manually enter a booking from these supported channels again. For example, as soon as you receive a booking on Hostelworld it will be automatically downloaded to the HostelSnap. And, as soon as you receive a booking by telephone or on your own website, your reservation allocations on all 3rd party booking sites will automatically be reduced.  

Since a lot of things will begin happening automatically once you set up your HostelSnap to sync with MyAllocator, we recommend you spend some time getting used to the HostelSnap controls and interface before setting up the MyAllocator syncing.   In the meantime, you will need to manually enter your bookings from 3rd party sites into the HostelSnap.   


If you don't have an MyAllocator account, you can get one here.  


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