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We designed HostelSnap to be full of of the unique features hostel managers need, yet easy enough for itinerant staff to learn in just 15 minutes.
Best of all, it's free for Hostel Management members at the Industry Leader level. See our plans page for more information.
Browse our knowledge base below and see how HostelSnap can help your hostel.

HostelSnap testimonials

We are just getting started but our unique software is already getting praise from hostel staff and managers who have tried it out.

HostelSnap has made managing our small hostel much easier. As one of the initial beta testers, I was given the opportunity to guide the development of the software. It was wonderful to have my input so well received, and watch new features I requested built and implemented week after week. They are also really intuitive, which is great for a hostel that is frequently training new staff. When more assistance is needed, the help pages and videos are a great asset. This really is software built by and for hostel owners, and I look forward to the continuous growth.

Courtney Loechl

Courtney Loechl

Manager - Pacific Tradewinds Hostel

HostelSnap is definitely better than what 99% of other hostels use. I've been staff at quite a few hostels around the world and HostelSnap stands out from the rest. It would be perfect if I decided to start a hostel. Hopefully, more hostels will start using HostelSnap, especially the booking system and asking for reviews makes a positive difference for the guests and staff.

Nabil Kania

Nabil Kania

Globetrotting hostel staff from Amsterdam, (explored 50 countries)

We want to hear from you

HostelSnap is open collaboration software with a goal of helping hostel owners and managers everywhere. We are developing this software for you and want to know this software will best help your hostel.


We have a specific section in our forum dedicated to the development of PMS software for hostels. Join the discussion and tell us the features that will help your hostel.


On each page of HostelSnap you can submit feature requests and bug reports. So if something is not working to your liking, report it, discuss it, and ask others to vote on it. Development is directly guided by your input.