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Income Report by Category

Page Summary:

The Income Report by Category provides the manager with the total income made in the hostel on a category by category basis. Some income categories are built into HostelSnap and some can be configured by adding products and services into the integrated POS system.

Key Features:

  • Reports can be restricted to any date range desired.
  • Reports can be restricted to specific income categories.
  • Reports can be compared to the same date range last year (to see if the hostel income is increasing or declining).
  • Categories for products and services can be grouped.
  • Money received for taxes can be listed separately or they can be combined.
  • Income for mandatory charges can be listed separately or they can be combined.



To generate a report simply select the desired categories in the "Filter Report Input" box (all categories are selected by default), and select the date range along with any other desired variables in the checkboxes displayed to the right of the page. Then click the blue ‘Generate Report’ button. The results of the report will be displayed at the bottom of the page. These results can be printed using the ‘Print Report’ button and can also be filtered using the filter search tool.

Built-In Categories:

The following categories are built into HostelSnap.


  • Bednights - Money received for overnight stays in your hostel.
  • Cancellation Policy Income - Reservation Advance Payment money that was retained by the hostel as a result of a non-show or late cancellation.
  • Price Adjustments - Uncategorized changes to money received (if enabled in the Setup Wizard on Discounts Page)
  • Reservation Advance Payments - Money held by the hostel as a deposit for future reservations.*
  • Deposits - (if configured)
  • Mandatory Charges - (if configured)

Reservation Advance Payments are automatically converted to bednight income at checkin or Cancellation Policy Income in the event of a no-show or late cancellation. For most accounting, this category is not consider income


The image below shows an example of generating a report of all soda purchases made in the previous month.


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