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Tracked Inbound Links

Page Summary: 

Trackable / Referrer URLSs are used to keep track of where your guests are finding you to book. 

Key Features:

  • Unlimited possibilities 
  • More details than google analytics
    • can account for add ons, ancillary sales, cancelations
  • Create ahead of time or on the fly
  • Attach discounts and splash screens


Detailed Information about Trackable / Referrer URLs

By placing a small bit of code on each page of your website, HostelSnap will automatically track the source of each website visitor who makes a reservation at your hostel.  This is done based on the Referrer URL of the website the user was on just before your website).  This data will provide rich information on your HostelSnap Marketing Source and Look/Book reports.  This data is extremely powerful to help you make marketing decisions for your hostel.  In fact, it even goes beyond what Google Analytics can do because it can account for added-on nights, ancillary sales and cancelled reservations.  You can even create custom trackable URLs that attach discounts for specific visitors and welcome them to your website with a splash screen telling them about the discount they have been given.  

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