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Tax Rules for your Hostel

Page Summary: 

This page is used to specify what tax rules you have for selling both bednights and other products at your hostel.  

Key Features:

  • Assign multiple taxes
  • Set rules for when taxes are collected
  • Choose flat or percentage 
  • Set rule for staff involvement 

Detailed Information about Tax Rules:

If you are required to collect taxes on bednights, products or services sold at your hostel, HostelSnap can add these charges as a seperate line item on guest charges.   On this page, you will indicate all taxes you would like added onto guest charges.  Later when you set up the rooms, beds, products and services you sell, you can assign one or more of these taxes to be applied. 

Click on Add Tax to begin adding a tax rule.  

User Collaboration and Feedback for Tax Rules for your Hostel

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