Check-Out Guests

Page Summary: 

The Check-Out Guests page displays all of the current guests checked-in to the hostel. From this page any guest can be checked-out.

Key Features:

  • Various checkout options
    • Regular checkouts
    • Night-before checkouts (leaving before reception opens)
    • Early checkouts (leaving an entire day or more early)
  • Sortable lists
  • Ability to check out multiple guests at once



Detailed Information about the Check-Out Guests page:

Guests are listed on this page through three different headers. The headers include ‘Today’, ‘Night Before Checkout’ and ‘All Guests’. This list can be sorted alphabetically and numerically by each individual column. To do this, simply click on the header of each column.

To check-out a guest, click on the box next to their name then press the blue ‘Select Guests for Check-Out’ button. Multiple guests that arrived and checked-in together can be checked-out together.

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Actual date error

Today is Jan 1th and the system remais in Dec 31th. Big bug Cant check in or check out today. Thanks...

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