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Bed Cleaning List

Page Summary: 

The Bed Cleaning List displays all beds that currently need to be cleaned. Beds appear on the list after a guest has checked out, switched beds, or stayed a certain amount of time (a 'courtesy' clean). 

Key Features:

  • General cleaning instructions
  • Deep clean instructions
  • Automatically generated 
  • Courtesy clean feature
  • Configurable to your hostel
    • pillow cleaning
    • duvet cleaning
    • courtesy cleaning


Detailed Information about the Bed Cleaning List:

The Bed Cleaning List displays all dirty beds that will need to be cleaned along with pillow and duvet information. Each time a guest is checked out of a bed or is switched to another bed, their bed will automatically appear on the Bed Cleaning List. A guest's bed will also appear on this list once they have slept in it past a certain number of nights, which is defined by your hostel. The pillows and duvets for each individual bed will turn red once they are due to be cleaned. This cleaning interval is also uniquely defined by your hostel.

Once a bed has been cleaned, check the ‘Linens Status’ box for each individual bed. If all of the beds on the list have been cleaned, then checking the box in the top column will select all of the beds on that list. The pillow and duvet columns can also be selected if they have also been cleaned. Click on the blue button at the bottom of the page and the selected beds will be removed from the Bed Cleaning List. An example of 5 beds that need  to be cleaned is shown below.

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