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This Known Issue Report is related to the Bed Cleaning List page

Dirty Beds Wrong

This has to do with the "1 week ago" courtesy clean. Today, 3 beds were added to be cleaned after 7 days. Harvey Milk, Chinatown, and Ken Kesey. The guest in HM actually checked out today so I wondered what would happen with the bed list- would his bed and name appear twice? Not a big deal. It actually seems that for HM "1 week ago" went off the list and "checked out/dirty" went on. However the other two "1 week ago" beds (Chinatown & Ken Kesey) disappeared off the list too. I did not clear any of these beds.
Courtney (Pacific Tradewinds Hostel) @ Wed, 03 Feb 2016 10:48:13 -0800 said:
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