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Room Type Setup

Page Summary: 

This page is used to configure your exact room types and what they will sell for. 

Key Features:

  • Unlimited room types
  • Specify details:
    • regular or overflow
    • default allocations
    • default bed price

Detailed Information about Room Types & Prices:

Here you will begin defining the types of rooms you have in your hostel.   You should think of room types as the various categories or classes of rooms in your hostel. For ex. "8 Bed Dorm".  However, these are not the rooms themselves.   Rooms and beds will be set up on the next page. For ex. Room 101, Room 102, etc. 

These room type names are for your internal hostel use, but if you plan to later sync HostelSnap to MyAllocator, it will be less confusing if you use the same names you have for room types on MyAllocator.   


Alternative Options

Hide on Public Reservations Page: If you check this box, it means that the room type will not be visible or bookable on the public reservations page. It will also not be available to map to OTAs.

When you may use this: This could be used anytime you wanted to move a guest into a unique situation but don't want it visible. For instance, if you have two guests who are willing to share a bed, you could move one of them into a 'Bed Share' room type. This would never be a bookable option, but you could easily see in the system where this guest is staying. 

Overflow Room Type: If you check this box, it means that beds in this room will not be counted as available spaces for the hostel and will not count in your occupancy reports. 

When you may use this: Generally this is done for staff rooms or other entire rooms you do not normally sell to hostel guests. However, if you move a guest to an 'overflow' area (for ex. with an overbooking), having this room type means you will easily be able to see in the system where that guest is physically staying. 

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