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Anyone who has ever worked in a hostel before knows how hectic and busy they can be. It's always a challenge for staff to communicate with each other about guests and business matters when they don't always see each other face to face.  Most hostels use a paper notebook or Google Docs. However, this frequently doesn't work because staff forget to write key events in the book and follow on staff forget to read the log.  Even if staff do read the book, it's not useful information because they are reading it at a time that's not contextually appropriate to their work.   


The HostelSnap Hostel Log feature is specifically designed to address these problems.  The Hostel Log records three types of events in your hostel.  


  • Staff Log Entries - These are manual entries added by the hostel staff.
  • Hostel Log Entries - These are automatic entries added by HostelSnap when a significant hostel event occurs (i.e. check-in, check-out, new reservation, bed change, etc)
  • System Log Entries - These are automatic system level entries to record when HostelSnap notices any significant changes to the database or external communications with your channel manager or OTAs. 
Viewing Hostel Log Entries
HostelSnap will show the most recent Staff Log Entries by default.  To view Hostel Log Entries or System Log Entries, click the appropriate checkbox at the top to toggle the filtered view of the log.  
Advanced Filtering and Search

When you need to look for a specific log entry in the past, you can use the Advanced Filtering and Search. To open, the filtering and search dialog, click the "Show Advanced Filters" link.  


Adding a Staff Log Entry

To add a new Staff Log Entry click the "Add Log Entry" button.  A dialog box will open allowing you to enter your log entry and add specific options for follow-up if necessary.   



Key Features:

  • Provides a record of what's happened in your hostel
  • Set follow-up reminders at specific times or when dealing with specific guests
  • Custom categories for your hostel
  • Ability to tag guests and pin log entries to their record




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