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Page Summary: 

The HostelSnap Dashboard is the main page of the Front Desk System. From here you can view various modules containing information on live bed data, email & internal messages, and tasks.

Key Features:

  • Hostel Status
  • Email inbox
  • Staff messages
  • Guest farewell emails
  • Task lists
  • Alert message from manager

Detailed Information about the Dashboard:

The Hostel Status module lists data on beds from the previous day as well as the current. 

The New Emails Enquiries module contains emails that are addressed to your hostels front desk. To respond to one, simply click on an email and it will take you to the Email Messages page, which is located under the Miscellaneous (Misc) section. From here you can write your response. 

With the Staff Messages module, messages can be noted and sent for other staff to see. 

In the Farewell Messages module it will display guests who have recently checked out of your hostel. From here you can choose to send each individual guest a farewell message. You have the option of sending the guest a canned response or a personalized message. 

Reminders can be used to remind staff of specific tasks that need to be completed as well as general notes from the manager. 

The search bar on this page can be used to examine current and previous guests, as well as guests with future reservations.

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