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Email Templates

Page Summary: 

The Email Templates page is used to customize the automatic messages sent on your behalf through HosteSnap. 

Key Features:

  • Default template ready
  • Customizable if desired
  • For reservations:
    • Created
    • Changed/ Canceled
  • For passwords:
    • Created/ Confirmed
  • For waitlist:
    • Name added/ Space available

Detailed Information about Email Templates:

HostelSnap sends out emails automatically when certain events occur in the system, either by staff or guests. These include any fuctions or transactions related to reservations, passwords, or waitlists.

Any time staff or guests create a new nereservation, a confirmation email will automatically be sent. Any time a reservation is changed or canceled, the guest will also receive an email notifying them of this change.

If a staff member has a forgets or changes a password, they will also receive an email.

Finally, if a guest adds his or her name to the waitlist, an email will also be sent. Another email will follow later if space opens up and is available to be booked.  




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