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HostelSnap makes management easy

HostelSnap combines everything you need to run your hostel effortlessly with an incredible ease of use for seamless turnover. With simplicity as key, HostelSnap can be taught to new staff in less than one hour. We know you don't have a lot of time to spend training or deciphering complicated explanations. The system is intuitive and clean, even for staff who have never worked in a hostel.

Breakdowns in communication are often the source of mistakes and lost time to fix them. With HostelSnap you never have to worry about that post it note staying on the computer for next shift, or a staff member remembering two days later that the trash doesn't go out that night because it's a holiday. Internal communications are built into HostelSnap through a variety of features.

The Hostel Log is a permanent list of the happening in the hostel. Staff can add notes in, tag guests, and even set follow up reminders for the appropriate time to complete the task. Hostel managers need the ability to present information at both the right time and in the correct context, and the Hostel Log allows you to do this.

For ex. If a package arrives today for Sarah Jones, but you see Sarah isn't arriving for a few days, you can put a note in the log to assist with this. Not only can you say "Package came today, she arrives on the 15th", and tag Sarah, you can set a follow up reminder for the morning of the 15th. Whomever is working that day will become informed that arriving guest Sarah may be asking about a package.

Recurring tasks keep staff on top of the daily to do lists, with a gamification system that encourages them to check off what is done. Being a cloud based system, you can see from anywhere in the world what they have or haven't completed.

Many features in HostelSnap are automatic, to save you time. Third party OTA reservations are automatically entered into the system, and with the connection of MyAllocator, your calendar is automatically synced for you. Confirmation emails, cancelation emails, and more are sent as soon as a change is made.

Each individual page of HostelSnap also comes with a built in Help page, and there are hundreds of tooltips built in throughout the entire system. If staff aren't sure about something, they can easily find it out. And if they still aren't sure, a direct message to the manager is only a couple clicks away.

There are countless ways HostelSnap can make your life easier, but the best way to find out is to simply try it for yourself!