View Reservations

Page Summary: 

The View Reservations page displays every reservation for your hostel, shown in six different categories. 

Key Features:

  • Categories include:
    • Future
    • Arriving Today
    • Arrived Today
    • Past
    • No Shows
    • Canceled 
  • Category lists are:
    • Well-organized
    • Easy to view
    • Sortable
    • Searchable
    • Connect to guest details



Detailed Information about the View Reservations Page:

To filter the reservation view, simply click on the headers and room types at the top of the page (shown below).

For example, to find a canceled reservation, click View/Edit Reservations and then click the Cancelled tab like in the image below. 


You can filter the canceled reservation results further by searching for a specific name or confirmation code in the search field. 
Remember that you can only see reservations that correspond to the tab you are in. For example,  if you are on the Future Reservations tab, the search field will only show Future reservations matching your search pattern. Likewise, if you are on the Past Reservations tab the search field will only show Past Reservations matching your search pattern.  Finally, if you are Cancelled Reservations tab the search field will only show Cancelled Reservations matching your search pattern.


To change the notes or reservation of a guest: Simply click on their name and their reservations details will appear, which can be edited. 

The search bar at the top right-hand corner of the page can also be used to quickly identify a guest. 

Here's how to decipher the reservation code:
How do multiple guests appear on a reservation?
For direct reservations via the Public Reservation page, HostelSnap lists the 2nd, 3rd, 4th,... guests as (guest 2) With Smith, (guest 3) With Smith etc. 
For reservations from OTAs, HostelSnap will list the 2nd, 3rd, 4th,... guests as (With Bill Smith)

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