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how dorm beds appear in View/Edit

It looks to me as though when you look at the list of guests for one night (or for a specific name) depending on where they've booked you sometimes see each dorm bed booking as a separate entry and sometimes you see them all under the title name. is that on purpose? So for example if you look up Elizabeth at the moment in ours, Elizabeth Adcock first booked a night, with a friend, through, and they appear as two separate entries. But then she booked another night n person, again for two people, and when we entered it through HS we only see her name on the View/Edit list and we have to go into the booking (and think to scroll down, as person 2 is below the fold and not mentioned at the top) to see that it's for two people. This difference between how the bookings behave is confusing. Is there any way they can all behave the same way?
Nikki (Loch Ness Backpackers Lodge) @ Mon, 30 Jul 2018 01:29:49 -0700 said:
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