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Purchases Log

Page Summary:

This report provides a ledger style accounting of every purchase made in the hostel. In HostelSnap a purchase* is defined as any line item to a guest folio that will either increase or decrease the amount of money the guest is obligated to pay. Here are some examples of items you may see on the purchases log:

  • Bednights
  • Products or Services
  • Deposits
  • Mandatory Charges
  • Taxes
  • Discounts
  • OTA Commissions (that reduce the amount the guest will pay but the hostel will never receive)

* It has been proposed that purchases should be renamed to Invoice Items and this report be renamed to Invoice Items Log.  What do you think?  Let use know.

Key Features:

  • Some purchase items are linked to a specfic guest folio by default
  • Some purchase can optionally be linked to a specific guest (for example a tour purchase can be linked to guest if configured in POS system)
  • All purchases must have a cooresponding payment (or refund) that satisfies the amount due by the purchase.
  • If a purchase is cancelled, before it's paid, it will be deleted from the purchases log and this row will say "Cancelled - No Payment Received"
  • Report can be exported to CSV (Comma Separated File) for backups, importing to accounting software or analysis in other software.


To generate a report simply select the date range for the report. If you would like to restrict the report to specific categories, select the desired categories in the "Filter Report Input" box. If see which guest a purchase is linked to, click the "Show Linked Guests" checkbox. Then click the blue ‘Generate Report’ button. The results of the report will be displayed at the bottom of the page. These results can be printed using the ‘Print Report’ button and can also be filtered using the filter tool.

A sample purchases log report is provided below: 

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