Reservation Rules

Page Summary: 

This page is used to define the rules for various reservations you will receive from different sources.   

Key Features:

  • Hostel deposit required
  • Parter deposit required
  • Percentage partner receives
  • # of nights required

Detailed Information about Reservation Rules 

Hopefully, your hostel is receiving reservations from a variety of different sources.  Some of these reservations will be the result of your hostel's own marketing efforts and some will be from 3rd party booking engines and other sources (for ex. other hostels).  If the reservation is not generated directly by your hostel, these sources are called "Reservation Partners".  Usually, each reservation source will have different rules for collecting deposits from guests.  For some reservations your hostel may receive 100% of the first nights payment.  At other times, your reservation partners may collect a 10% deposit that your hostel will never receive.  

This page is where you will set up the rules for each type of reservation you expect to receive.   Each rule will affect how much deposit is applied to the guest reservation record and affect how much of that deposit should appear as income to the hostel.  

If you have setup or plan to immediately set up syncing with your MyAllocator account, only create rules for reservation sources that are not already setup as channels on your MyAllocator account.   


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