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Reservation Rules


Like most PMS systems, HostelSnap (when configured in PMS mode) will automatically enter reservations for channels you have connected to Myallocator.  When Myallocator sync has been set up, the processing of importing reservations is automatic so you DO NOT need to enter those reservations sources here.  
However, it’s likely that your hostel receives reservations from sources that can not easily be connected through Myallocator or you don't want to connect through Myallocator. These are the reservations that will need to be manually entered by your staff. 
This page allows you to set up reservation rules for each source of bookings at your hostel. Each rule will specify: 
1. How much advance payment is required from the guest
2. Who the advance payment is paid to (the hostel or a 3rd party reservation partner)
3. And, if the advance payment goes to a 3rd party reservation partner, how much that partner will share the advance payment with you.  
You can be as detailed as you want when setting up reservation rules.  However, for clarity in your reservation source reports, we recommend adding a separate reservation rule for each source of reservation at your hostel. For example, you may later find it useful to have a separate date for telephone reservations and in-person reservations even though you may have the same advance payment requirements for both.  

Detailed Information about Reservation Rules 

Hopefully, your hostel is receiving reservations from a variety of different sources.  Some of these reservations will be the result of your hostel's own marketing efforts and some will be from 3rd party booking engines and other sources (for ex. other hostels).  If the reservation is not generated directly by your hostel, these sources are called "Reservation Partners".  Usually, each reservation source will have different rules for collecting deposits from guests.  For some reservations your hostel may receive 100% of the first nights payment.  At other times, your reservation partners may collect a 10% deposit that your hostel will never receive.  

To add a new reservation source rule, click the "Add Reservation Rule" button.  

User Collaboration and Feedback for Reservation Rules

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