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Rooms and Beds Setup

Page Summary: 

This page is used to define the exact rooms and beds you will sell, not just the type of room. For ex. "Room 101" (exact room), which is an "8 Bed Dorm" (room type). 

Key Features:

  • Unlimited rooms & beds
  • Assign to pre-defined room types
  • Choose active or inactive 
  • "Duplicate room" feature, for faster input
  • Bed price offset feature
  • Assign taxes as needed


Detailed Information about Rooms & Beds:

Here you will set up all the indivual rooms and beds in your hostel, after you have defined the room types you offer.   You will always setup a room first using the Add Room button and then you'll add the individual beds in that room by using the Add Bed button.    

User Collaboration and Feedback for Rooms and Beds Setup

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