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Cancel Reservations

Page Summary: 

The Cancel Reservations page is used to cancel any reservation that has been entered into HostelSnap. 

Key Features:

  • Individual or Group cancellations 
  • Refund capabilities
  • Enforced cancelation policies 


Detailed Information about the Cancel Reservations page:

To cancel a reservation, select the check box next to the reservation and then press the red ‘Cancel Reservation’ button at the bottom of the page. The filter search bar at the top of the page can be used to quickly identify a reservation.


On the next page you will have the option to confirm any refunds of advanced payments. Any cancelations made inside your cancelation policy window will not be refundable without a manager's password. If it says "no" in the column "refundable according to policy", and the box is checked, then a field will appear below to type in a one-time use manager's password. In the example below this field does not appear, because the person processing the refund was already on a manager's login. 



On the final page you will be able to process the refund, be choosing where to refund the money (cash, to which credit card, etc). The green "Process Refunds" button will not turn bright and be clickable until the total amount of the refund has been assigned to be refunded. For instance, in the example below the entire reservation was paid by one credit card. However if part of it was paid by cash and part by card, it would show those two amounts both as possible refund methods. Once part of the money was typed into one and the remaining balance into the other, the refund may be processed. 


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