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Canned Email Messages

Page Summary: 

Canned Email Messages are template style emails that you can customize for your guests, and use to save time in communicating. 

Key Features:

  • Full customized email messages
  • Farewell messages
  • General canned responses

Detailed Information about Adding Guest Nights

Canned email messages are used in HostelSnap to send farewell messages to your guests. This is where you can thank them for their stay, and find out crucial feedback about their visit. You can include surveys, links to leave a review, and general follow up information. They can include rich text, HTML, photos, and more. 

Do you ever find yourself typing the same information over and over to guests when they email? Questions like "How do I get to your hostel from the airport?" or "Can I store my luggage?" Canned email messages offer an easy way to save information to frequent questions so that you can simply copy and paste it into an email. This is especially useful for long answers, like directions. 


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