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Welcome to the setup wizard

Page Summary: 

The Setup Wizard is your one-stop shop for anything configurable for your hostel. It has both the basic settings you need to get started, as well as a multitude of optional features to use at your convenience.

Key Features:

  • Basic Settings, including:
    • Accounting & Taxes
    • Rooms & Beds
    • Reservation Policies
    • Staff Management 
    • Email Settings
  • Optional Settings, such as:
    • Public Reservations Page
    • MyAllocator Syncing
    • Discounts & Promo codes
    • Trackable URLs 
    • Email Templates


Detailed Information About the Setup Wizard:

The basic settings make up the first half of the Setup Wizard. These are all required, but pretty standard features you will most likely have set up already for your hostel. They include everything from accounting decisions, like which tax rules apply and when, to various policies for your guests, like maximum group size and how far out a guest may make a booking. 

The additional settings are optional, and there for your benefit should you choose to use them. There are a multitude that can help you run your hostel more efficiently, but can be added at your convenience. These include options such as a public reservations page where you can take direct bookings for free, the ability to sync up automatically to MyAllocator to save hours of time, and easy to use marketing options such as discounts, promo codes, and trackable URLs. By using these built in features, you can not only increase bookings to your hostel, but easily track their effectiveness from right within the system. 
Each of the many features on the Setup Wizard is explained in detail on its own page, so dig in and see how HostelSnap can take your hostel to the next level!