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Availability Calendar

Page Summary: 

The Availability Calendar shows the total amount of possible reservations that can still be accepted, out of the total number of allocations set for your hostel, on any certain day. Quickly identify how many more reservations can be made, and how many beds are occupied. Choose to see ALL availability, or by room type.   

Key Features:

  • At-a-glance availability
  • Different tabs for room types
  • Easy to change allocations
  • Set in advance, even if not booking
  • Set by day or date range
  • Allocation holdbacks feature
    • Set release dates for allocations
    • Some inventory held back
    • Helps with guest extension
    • Helps to receive direct bookings

Detailed Information about the Availability Calendar:

The Allocations calendar shows two different numbers for each day. The first number is the remaining number of allocations available for that date. The second number is the total number of allocations you initially set. For example on the image below, today is Feb. 24th. It shows 16/ 20, which means there are 16 reservation spots left out of a potential 20. There are already 4 beds reserved for today. 

Note that this image is showing availability for ALL room types:

Clicking on the first number will bring up the guests names for the reservations made as well as the occupied beds. 

Clicking on the second number will allow you to edit the amount of allocations, if on a manger login. You can also set entire ranges at the top of the page. 

Clicking on the left and right arrows at the top of the calendar will change the month. 

Using the Room Type tabs at the top, you can see how this availability is broken down. For ex., below is an image showing only availability for the Basic 6 Bed Mixed Dorm. While the hostel has availability for the entire date range, the 6 Bed Mixed Dom does not:

This image shows availability for the Female 5 Bed Dorm. You can see that none of the beds have been booked. You can also see how it's possible to set your allocations differently than the physical number of beds you have. In this example, availability is limited to 2 beds in a 5 bed dorm. This may be because of renovations, holding for staff, leaving those beds for walk-ins so they can't be reserved, overflow, or whatever reason you choose:


Using Allocation Release Dates means setting rules where a certain amount of availability is held back until a certain date. For ex. "3 beds are held back until 1 day out" means that a hostel with 20 allocations will only allow 17 of them to be booked in advance. Then 1 day before the requested date, the remaining 3 will become available. This is to give your current guests a chance to extend their stay before filling every bed with a new guest. You can also set these to hold back some availability from OTAs, to increase your chance of selling beds directly. 

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