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Check-in Guests With Reservations

Page Summary: 

This page is used to check-in guests that have made reservations for arriving on the current day.

Key Features:

  • Clear view of guest details
  • Ability to edit guest details
  • Color coding of groups for easy recogniition 
  • Ability to check in a group together or separetly  
  • Ability to take multiple forms of payment in one transaction


Detailed Information about Check-In Guests With Reservations:

Checking-in a guest:

Select a guest you wish to check-in by clicking the box to the left of their name and then click the blue ‘Do Check-In’ button. 

The next page will allow you to update each guests personal information including their name, email, phone number, country of residence, and notes. From this page you can also change the number of nights each guest would like to stay, the bed they will sleep in, and can select wether their check-out date is confirmed or not. An example of this check-in page is shown below.

The next page is where you will receive payment from the guest. Payments can be made up from multiple sources. Price adjustments can be made and any additional purchases can be added to the total. An example of the payment page is shown below.

Once the payment has been confirmed the guest will be checked-in to the hostel. A receipt will be displayed which can be printed. 

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