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Staff Drawer

Page Summary: 

The Staff Drawer page is used for a number of different tasks. These tasks include counting the cash register, manually removing money, and viewing transactions.  

Key Features:

  • Count cash
  • Transfer cash to manager
  • View staff ledger
  • View drawer counts
  • Reset staff drawer
  • Quick view of expected totals
  • Warnings for overage/shortage
    • both amount short & expected total




Detailed Information about the Staff Drawer Page:

Under the ‘Actions’ module there are links to ‘Count Drawer’ and ‘Transfer to Manager’. The ‘Count Drawer’ link is used to count the hostels cash register. When money needs to be manually removed from the register, the ‘Transfer to Manager’ page is used. 

The bottom of the Staff Drawer page shows all of the transactions that have been made by every staff member, starting with the most recent at the top. Older pages can be accessed through the numbered buttons at the bottom of the page. 

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