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Staff Messages

Page Summary: 

The Staff Messsages are internal messages that can be sent between all staff and managers. 

Key Features:

  • Easy to locate
  • Individual or group messaging
  • Improves team communication
  • Separate from email, doesn't get lost in the shuffle


Detailed Information about Staff Messages:

The Staff Messages feature can be used to improve communication with your entire team. From this page you can compose a message to any or all of the staff members you have entered into HostelSnap. You can also choose yourself if you'd like to receive a copy of this message. 

One great thing about Staff Messages is their easy-to-locate, hard-to-miss benefit. These are separate from email, which often gets full of so many messages that the important ones slip through. By keeping them separate, your staff is more likely to see what they need to right away. 

However there is the option to also send a Staff Message as an email, if so desired. In this case the message will show up in both places.  

Any staff member you have sent this message to will receive an alert on their Dashboard. Their Staff Messages button will go to red, with a number next to it indicating how many messages they have waiting.


Once they click here and open up all their messages, this will go back to green: