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Website Look/Book Report

Page Summary: 

The Website Look/Book Report is used by the manager to easily generate reports of where direct bookings for your hostels have come from over different date ranges. Specifically how many guests looked at your website and what percentage converted into bookings. 

Key Features:

  • Interval & custom date ranges
  • At a glance details
    • # of days in advance reservation made
    • # of people who looked
    • # of peple who booked
    • # of pople who got "date not available"
  • Easy to see percentages:
    • look-to-book 
    • date not available 

Detailed Information about the Website Look/Book Report Report:

The manager can generate a Website Look/Book report by simply selecting a date range and clicking the blue ‘Generate Report’ button. The results of the report will be displayed at the bottom of the page, which can be printed and exported into a CSV format.




Marketing source information is locked in automatically for any guest booking online. For those who didn't, or had configurations disallowing this, the marketing source can be collected at check in through the ‘Marketing Source’ drop down menu (shown below). These marketing source options can be turned off, edited, deleted and new ones can be added through the HostelSnap Setup Wizard.

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