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Discounts are a small discount given to the guest to incentivize a guest who is uncertain if they want to make a reservation or check into the hostel.  
It's worth noting that in HostelSnap, discounts and promo codes are essentially the same things.  Both provide a reduced cost to the guest and both are saved in the same database table.  
The primary difference between a discount and a promo code is that discounts are applied by the staff and promo codes are discounts that are self-applied by the customer when the reservation is made with a secret code (aka a "promo code").  
When discounts and promo codes are applied to a reservation, the price reduction is "locked in" and can't be changed without canceling the reservation and starting over.  
Discounts can also be applied at check-in by staff, as long as another discount or promo code has not already been applied to the guest reservation.  Only one discount can be applied to each guest overnight stay and discounts can not be combined.   

The Discounts page is located in the Setup Wizard and this is where you can enter custom discounts for your hostel.  These discounts are available for staff to apply at check-in and will appear in a drop-down on the Check-In Guests with Reservations page or the Check-In Walk Guests page. 

Adding a Discount

To add a new discount, click on the "Add Discount" button.  A dialog will show where you can enter specific details about this discount.  


Activating and Deactivating Discounts

Discounts will automatically become deactivated when they expire (provided an expiration date is provided on the discount).  However, you can also manually activate and deactivate discounts at any time. Just toggle the "Active?" checkbox as desired and click save. 

Viewing a Report on Discounts Given

It's important to monitor the number of discounts and the cost of providing these discounts. At any time, you can create a report to see the amount of discounts you have given at your hostel over any chosen time period. This can done using the Discounts Report on the reports page.  


Key Features for Discounts:

  • Highly Customizable
    • Choose discount name
    • Choose flat or percentage based discounts
    • Activate deactivate and any time
  • Optional choices
    • Expiration date
    • Conditions to display to staff


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