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Rooms & Beds

Page Summary: 

The Rooms & Beds page displays every room and bed in your hostel, along with any guests currently checked in to those, or anyone assigned to be.

Key Features:

  • Full bed manifest with guest details
  • Easy-to-see empty rooms & beds
  • Sortable columns & Filter bar
  • Incoming reservations
  • Ability to assign beds 
  • Guest details include:
    • room & bed name
    • checkout date
    • number of nights paid 
    • number of nights remaining


Detailed Information About the Rooms & Beds Page:

The Rooms & Beds page is a permanent list of every room and bed in your hostel. It will show if a bed is occupied by a guest, reserved for a guest, or unoccupied. All beds in HostelSnap are assigned the day of arrival, so anyone who shows as ‘reserved’ is arriving that day. 

Just like the Current Guests page, the Rooms & Beds page can be sorted alphabetically and numerically by each individual column. To do this, simply click on the header of each column. Click the same column header again to reverse the order.

The Filter bar at the top right hand corner of the Current Guests page can be used to quickly find guests. You can filter your search results by searching names, room numbers, bed names, or dates. An example of using this filter bar is shown below. In the example the checkout date of 07/27/2016 was used. Note that the format for searching dates will need to be as follows: mm/dd/yyyy. 


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