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Payments Report

Page Summary:

The payments log report shows all payments (and refunds) that have been recorded to statisfy the obligations created by purchases. In HostelSnap, if the total of payments for a guest folio do not equal the total of the purchases for that guest folio, and alert will be shown to the staff on duty. If the payments and purchases are not equal after 15 minutes, the alert will be shown for all staff and managers.

Key Features:

  • The report can be restricted to specific date ranges.
  • The report can be restricted to specific payment types.

Payment Types:


  • This page is can be used to easily generate reports for all payments received by the hostel. Simply select a date range along with a payment type from the drop down menu. Then after clicking the blue ‘Generate Report’ button, the results will be displayed at the bottom of the page. An example is shown below to generate a report for the previous month's cash payments.

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