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View/Assign Today s

Page Summary: 

In HostelSnap, beds are assigned to guests the day of arrival, using the View/Assign Today’s reservation page. Guests can also be assigned to beds through the ‘Reservations for Today’ module, which is located at the bottom of the Current Guests page. 

Key Features:

  • Easily assign or switch beds
    • Built in protection from double-assigning
  • See all available bed inventory
  • Organize groups together
  • Change a preselected room type (if needed)


Detailed Information about View/Assign Today's Reservations page:

Beds can be assigned to arriving guests within this module under the Bed column. Once a bed has become available, it will show up in the drop down menu. Click on the bed you would like to choose for the selected guest and then click on the Assign Beds button at the bottom of the module. If you leave the current page without clicking the Assign Beds button, nothing will be updated.

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