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Check-In Deposits

Page Summary: 

This page is used to set up any deposits you require at check in. 

Key Features:

  • Unlimited deposits
  • Choose active or inactive
  • Choose if staff are able to disallow 

Detailed Information about Check-In Deposits:

Many hostels have deposits required at check in, such as a key deposit, a security deposit, or a towel deposit. On this page you can define as many of these as necessary. Each receives a monetary value, and is active by default, unless otherwise marked. 

There is also a configuration to give staff the option to disallow a deposit required at check-in. You may choose to do this if your staff are well trained on your policies and making decisions specific to a situation. For example, you may have a travel professional staying for free and don't need to charge them a security deposit. Or perhaps there was an issue with a guest's room, so you give a towel for free without a deposit. 


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