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Tasks / Staff Assignments

Page Summary- Repeating Tasks

On this page you can setup the Repeating Tasks that will be visible on your hostels front desk. 

Key Features:

  • Tasks can repeat x # of days, weeks, months, or years
  • Can choose start and end dates
  • Choose how long task stays visible

Detailed Information about Hostel Tasks :

The repeating tasks are for everybody working at the front-desk and they can be setup to repeat every x interval. These are great for reminders like taking out the recycling on certain days of the week, or regular reminders like to check the laundry every hour. 


Page Summary- Staff Assignments: 

In addition to Repeating Tasks, you can also set up Staff Assignments on this page. 

Key Features:

  • Assignments can be given to specific people
  • Can also repeat x # of days, weeks, months, or years
    • Can choose end dates

Detailed Information about Staff Assignments:

The staff assignments can be attached to one or more staff members. These can be used for one time projects that need to be done on a certain shift (and thus assigned to the person working that shift), or they can be assigned to anyone who is best for a particular task to complete on their next shift. 

They can also be setup to repeat if needed, for any amount of days, weeks, months, or years. 













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