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This Known Issue Report is related to the Create Reservation page

Private Room - Share with Function Issue

When creating a reservation for the private room, we select private room for the room type of the first person, and "Share with..." for the second person. When doing this for Airbnb StartUp House, Instant World Booking, HovelStay, or reservations where the source involves a percentage paid to the partner, the page will not continue and just stays loading as shown in the attachment. This problem does not occur for when doing the exact same for other reservation sources such as phone, in-person, BookNow, etc. The problem also does not occur when creating a reservation for one person or when placing the second person in another room type (another issue that you cannot edit the reservation to also put the second person in the private room type afterwards).
Chadwick (Pacific Tradewinds Hostel) @ Tue, 26 Dec 2017 15:20:42 -0800 said:
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