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Guests being able to book 5 rooms instead of 5 guests into one room

I've reported this before but it's still happening, and my original issue report seems to have gone from here so I can't add this to it. Another guest has had an issue where she's tried to put herself a 4 friends into one room (our family room for 5) but instead the system has allowed her to book 5 family rooms. She noticed, and she called us up about it. She was worried she'd been charged x5 too. We assumed she had, so tried to refund her x4, but the second refund refused to go through. When I went into Stripe I discovered it was because she'd actually only been charged once - which would be good news, except I'd already refunded her that one amount so now I have no deposit for this booking. The second issue is the confusion this is causing to us and to the guest. Please can you get back to me re. a timeline for fixing this? Booking details: Megane Drees, staying 12th Nov, booked yesterday 10th Nov, refunded today 11th Nov. Thanks!
Nikki (Loch Ness Backpackers Lodge) @ Mon, 11 Nov 2019 02:49:35 -0800 said:
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