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Can't Refund Full Deposit when Discounts applied at Checkin

In a small number of situations the staff are unable to refund the full guest deposit if the first night is prepaid (by reservation advance payment) and a discount is applied at checkin. Please follow these steps to reproduce. 1. Create a reservation rule that collects 100% of the first night. 2. Create a discount for $5 off each night. 3. Create a $20 checkin deposit. 4. Make a reservation for the guest and collect the 100% deposit from the guest. 5. Checkin the guest for one night and apply the $5 discount at checkin. 6. The remaining amount due will be $15 ($20 minus $5). 7. At checkout the refund due for the deposit will only be $15. However, it should still be $20.
Darren (Pacific Tradewinds Hostel) @ Tue, 19 Jan 2016 21:56:01 -0800 said:
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