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Retiring of Marketing Codes

Hi Guys! So, as time goes on, and contract cycles and such change, it would be a good idea to be able to "retire" a marketing code so you'd have the archival information if it tracks how effective the code was, but if you no longer advertise with a certain source, you could remove it from view to unclutter the sources that show up as choices. Also, a way to hide categories, maybe just a "visibility?" radial button? For instance, we've never tried to be in Lonely Planet, but that doesn't mean that won't happen for us in the future. So, I don't want to delete the category per se, but also don't want to see it while it's not relevant. No issue, just a suggestion as I am going through things. =) ~Danielle
Gemini (Morris Burner Hostel) @ Fri, 26 May 2017 11:24:33 -0700 said:
I want this also!

Darren (HostelSnap Support) @ Mon, 29 May 2017 13:25:44 -0700 said:
Thanks, Gemini.  Just to confirm you understand how the Marketing Source report works: 

1.  First and foremost, HostelSnap uses the ReferrerID of your website visitor so the website they were on immediately before arriving at your website is tracked.  So (regardless if you have this set up in /setupwizard/marketing_sources) if Lonely Planet later links to your hostel, you will suddenly see this source automatically on your Marketing Source report.  This is the preferred way of tracking Marketing Sources because frequently HostelSnap knows how a guest arrived at your website better than the guests know themselves!

2.  The Marketing Sources you can set up in the Setup Wizard are only used at check-in when HostelSnap was unable to determine how a guest arrived at your hostel website. For example, sometimes people have settings on their web browser that prevent us from tracking them.   In these cases, (if you have this configured) HostelSnap will prompt the staff to ask the guest how they heard about you.  If you have Lonely Planet setup in the Marketing Sources this source will be available for the staff to select at check-in.  (For example, if the guest read about you in the LP guidebook and visited your website by direct URL entry.  

Does this clear things up? Or, was there something I misunderstood from your question?