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Print/ Save report only half working

We got beyond the bug that says 'Print preview failed' and won't allow you to do anything (print or save to PDF). But, the print preview actually shows nothing but the header and footer, so it's still worthless for any practical purpose.
Courtney (Pacific Tradewinds Hostel) @ Tue, 16 Feb 2016 13:43:40 -0800 said:
I want this also!

Darren (HostelSnap Support) @ Tue, 16 Feb 2016 22:07:32 -0800 said:
@courtneyloechl2 This is a known bug that has been reported numerous times and currently exists on about 4 active cards.  As reported on other cards this is an issue that only exists on Chrome browsers.   

@neeeeeeext I can see multiple reporting of the same issue becoming a problem in the future.  Can you think of a way we can deal with this?  Perhaps on the backend we can merge issues so all comments on one issue will be copied to other issues. 

Not sure how easy this is to fix, but fixing it would also solve the problem. :-)

Courtney Loechl (HostelSnap Support) @ Tue, 16 Feb 2016 23:57:45 -0800 said:
@darren85 My apologies. I knew the bug about it not working properly had been reported, but when I noticed it 'half' working now, I thought perhaps you guys thought you had fixed it, but actually hadn't. So...I thought I needed to mention that. I guess not. 

Yes, it's tricky to know what has been reported already. I guess in my case I can do a Trello search, but even I may not see it if I don't type in the same wording someone else used. For another user, they won't have access to Trello anyway. Maybe they can search a list of bugs? Doesn't sound ideal..and makes them work...and puts light on 'how many' bugs there are at that time, which doesn't make HS look good. So...I have no ideas at the moment

 @neeeeeeext it does not work properly in Chrome (not sure about others)

Petre (HostelSnap Support) @ Tue, 16 Feb 2016 23:48:15 -0800 said:
@darren85 the last time I remember you had to show me how to replicate this... It seems to work fine in all my browsers. When we meet you can show me.

Petre (HostelSnap Support) @ Wed, 17 Feb 2016 08:07:52 -0800 said:
@courtneyloechl2 - crazy thing this bug - print button works fine on my chrome.
I'll talk with @darren85 maybe we can figure out what the problem is

Darren (HostelSnap Support) @ Wed, 17 Feb 2016 09:37:25 -0800 said:
@neeeeeeext It looks like @courtneyloechl2 was pointing out some progress has been made on this bug (either from you or from the Google Chrome developers).  At least progress has been made since the last time I looked.   Previously the dialog showed "Print Preview Failed".  Now, as Courtney correctly pointed out, it shows the header and footer but there is no printable body on the pages.  

I wonder if there is simply a small problem with the Print Style Sheet that's causing it not to show on Mac.  If necessary, please feel free to schedule a meeting with me to troubleshoot.

Darren (HostelSnap Support) @ Wed, 17 Feb 2016 18:04:43 -0800 said:
@courtneyloechl2 Yes, this was my oversight.  Re-reading your card, I see now you were pointing out things are different now.

Courtney Loechl (HostelSnap Support) @ Wed, 17 Feb 2016 17:58:00 -0800 said:
@neeeeeeext Yes, exactly. I thought progress had been made, but perhaps you didn't realize that it wasn't fully fixed. Just trying to help :)